18 Apr 2024
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SMARTHANDLE - Advancing Human-Centric Robotics

Advancements in AI and robotics are reshaping our work environments. Today, robots are integrated into workplaces to support employees, lighten their workload, and increase efficiency. Despite these benefits, the introduction of robots into the workforce can cause disruptions in the way we work.

06 Mar 2024
6d pose

Revolutionizing Robotic Automation: The Role of

In the ever-evolving landscape of robotics and automation, achieving accurate 6D pose estimation has become a fundamental requirement for advancing various handling tasks. From depalletizing to pick-and-place, the ability of robots to accurately understand the spatial orientation and position of objects is essential. However, traditional hard-coded solutions have proven inadequate, often failing in the face of even minor changes in setup, leading to downtime and significant costs associated with constant readjustment.

31 Jan 2024

SMARTHANDLE Architecture: Integrating

In recent years, the research community has dedicated significant effort to improving and developing technologies that play a vital role in advancing the next generation industrial robotic applications.

18 Dec 2023
battery dissasembly


SMARTHANDLE will improve environmental aspects targeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically by activities focused on battery recycling, supporting circular economy and the European Green Deal objectives.

30 Nov 2023

Human perception for collaborative robotic

Human-robot collaboration (HRC) is a growing topic of interest. Rather than replacing humans, collaboration enables both humans and robots to work together. This eliminates the need for robots to be kept separate from the workforce for safety concerns.

31 Oct 2023
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Enhancing AI-Driven Motion Planning in Dual-Arm

The industrial landscape continuously evolves by prioritizing reconfigurability towards addressing the ever-increasing market demands for personalized products. Robotics can emerge as a pivotal enabler through the embodiment of intelligent resources ready to produce new products in a repeatable and efficient manner.